a word/phrase used by a friend of mine to express blah/shittiness with something.

big ass fucking fuckshaw blaggedity to the news about WLUW. check it out on chicagoist — i wrote a piece that i believe scooped the rest of the chicago media, save for the leak that went to feder and caused the initial burst of controversy and questions.

loyola has got it all wrong. what on earth do they mean by ‘making the station part of the curriculum?” at WONC, we were required to take a radio class, even if for no credit, and turn in airchecks to be graded. not terrible, but definitely part of the curriculum, i guess. however, the station was student-run save for the faculty advisor, john madormo. while i think we had great professionalism and quality at that station, and while i do believe we served the public interest (we always got plenty of requests from “regular” people in naperville eagerly tuning in), i think that it’s one thing to have such a station and an entirely other thing to take an independent/community station and make it something purely for use by the university. it’s been made clear plenty of times that the students of loyola were never turned away from anything they wanted to do.

and who better to teach them about radio than the guy who’s been there forever and a woman who has real-life radio experience and has come to know the ins and outs of the station intimately? how are they really going to transition this to something faculty-run/university sponsored without fucking up the thing that their listeners have come to know and love? it’s sort of depressing to be on the air at a station that no one is listening to.

i have a lot more to process on this, but i’m pretty irritated/pissed off.


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