#38 Foolish Beat

#38 Foolish Beat, Debbie Gibson

i had no idea what a drag this song was/is. literally. it’s super slow tempo and boring as hell. she tries to get more dramatic with the chorus, but frankly, this song blows. i can’t wait until to i get to what i deem the “good” ones.

and what’s with the ladies in the 80s? i didn’t realize so many ladies were doing their men wrong and then bitching when they were left all alone. crazy.

the video for this is brutal. i know i always lament about my lost love when i am sitting in a restaurant. then the artistic black and white flashback scenes. super classy. and does the ridiculous amount of coffee cups stacked on the table in one scene suppose to convey that they’ve been there so long, just enrapt in one another? (or they had a ridiculously shitty server?) maybe he left because she occasionally goes out in public with bedhead (see scenes where she’s sitting in front of mirror). also, what in hell is up with the white angel trenchcoat/muumuu? she’s a skinny chickie, why do that?

i’ll tell you right now, if i’m going for a downtempo teenage girl song, i’m definitely going for could’ve been (lyrics). sorry, kids. i don’t have anything more about this song. i liked plenty from electric youth (see “lost in your eyes” for a proper slow song).



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