Summer midnight hot and blah

I am depressed. I just found out yesterday. But it's funny that once i pinpoint it, everything from the last month becomes so clear. The last two weeks of not being able to concentrate on writing anything of too much substance. The month of manic mini lust. So many little things and other big ones come into play. And then i waste my weekend sleeping both days away. I know my mood swings are seasonal but i always thought i got a pass during the summer. I guess not. And for those of you counting at home, we just passed the summer solstice, marking the first day of summer. And that proves i was not waiting for it because i really thought summer left me alone. I guess all four seasons affect me. I have blogging by phone but i am glad i have the option. Oh. Did i mention the incessant eating? My lord. More on this to follow.


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