when you run out

i guess all the white hens are going to turn into 7-elevens now. i haven’t seen the change yet, but i’ve seen signs telling of the change to come. i don’t know why that troubles me in any way other than i think it’s good to have competition and when i was growing up i was more familiar with white hen in wisconsin. only for the mere fact i never really saw 7-elevens and that we had white hen commercials. i guess 7-elevens were what i saw in movies (and i knew they were the slurpee people), but it was the white hen that ran radio ads on the stations i was listening to.

when you run out, run out to white hen
when you run out of anything, run out to white hen

blah blah specials blah blah talking

when you run out, run out to white hen
when you run out …

the only thing i could never figure out and which always creeped me out a bit (because let’s face it, what didn’t/doesn’t creep me out/give me a tinge of anxiety?) was the way the commercial ended/didn’t end. why didn’t it just end with another solid “when you run out … to white hen!” like to seal the deal? like you’re going to run out to white hen because that’s just logical and a great choice, damnit!

why this weird, non-ending? as if someone killed the singer and they couldn’t finish? was it a sopranos-esque ending and you’ve already run out the door? to white hen? do you see why i drank and drugged? to shut this fucking head up. too bad i smoked more pot than drank and it just revved up the thinking machine more. damn.

anyway … does anyone remember these commercials? the white hen commercials with the ominous (to my freaky mind) ending? the ones where


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