imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

over at our man in chicago, OMIC is throwing down with a 37 part series on Living in Oblivion. he’s dissecting the discs song by song and doing an intelligent, funny and interesting job of it.

it’s no secret that when i like something, i am prone to borrow, use, take, assimilate, tweak and gank things. i credit where credit is due, for sure, but i definitely will copy things from people i like and respect. i hadn’t really thought of copying OMIC’s way of breaking down a set of something …. until i ran across VH1’s list of 40 awesomely bad breakup songs.

i caught the tail end of the second half of the show. every song brought up a memory. every song had me writing a blog post in my head. and then i thought … i SHOULD write a blog post for every one in my head. and then i thought, isn’t that kind of like OMIC’s deal with “living in oblivion?” yeah. kind of. but i’m copping to it, and i didn’t intend to rip him off. it’s the blogosphere. we’re all constantly meta-ing out. right?

so, i think i’m going to take on the list. some of them i might not know; i haven’t looked at the entire list. but i definitely am going to give it a go. so hang on to your ears.


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