in the bushes

i know that people will discount this, but i’m going to say it anyway. there’s always been times in my life when a word or phrase has been previously unknown to me or relatively unused in my life. and then for whatever reason, i hear it or it becomes the object of a joke or whatever, and then it’s everywhere. and i know that people say that’s like looking out into a crowd at a baseball game and then saying “look at the blue shirts,” and then your eyes automatically see all the blue shirts. i don’t know what that phenomemon is called, but some poo-poo it. jung called it synchronicity.

well, the one that keeps happening to me is so weird. actually, there’s one that i haven’t told you about yet*. that’s way cool. but this one is the one i most recently drafted and shorter to write about. when my sketch group, das glumlot, performed in january, there was a sketch called “slap-a-whitey.” (it was written by an african-american women, for whatever that’s worth.) the gist is that african-americans would get reparations and be able to really turn their lives around if they could pick three white people in their lives who had done them wrong and slap them good. trust me, it was funny.

anyway, there were two “testimonials” in the infomercial-esque sketch. one was a white soccer mom who really had her life changed. and one was a black lady who was really down and out, but now she was climbing up the corporate ladder and had her own hedge fund.

what the fuck is a hedge fund?
i have never heard of these things until she put that in the skit, and now i can’t stop running into references about them. stand-up comedy, news shows, etc., etc. it’s so weird. whatever. just thought i’d note that.

*i thought i told you guys about the bunnies. but i’m looking through the posts and i can’t see that i did. hmm.

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