for Once, i was burned by a great trailer


before spiderman 3, i saw a trailer for this movie “once.” it looked amazing. everyone i was with was fascinated and mesmerized and we were all wonderfully looking forward to seeing it.

i saw it last night. i was hugely disappointed. i was looking for a movie. not a big music video. this definitely was one for DVD. i was looking to see “knocked up” or “ocean’s thirteen,” and i went to see this because my friend said he really wanted to see it above any other movie, and i had forgotten about it. and i remembered how great the trailer was.

highly disappointed. there just was no character development. all music. which normally would be GREAT, if there were some character development. i’m not going to go much more into it, because then it really will be spoiler central. but i really was shocked that i didn’t dig it. i will say this: the music was excellent, and the soundtrack will be fantastic.

i will say more about this in a few weeks.


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