the raunchy* good old days

i was in walgreens the other day* and saw on a people magazine that charles nelson reilly died. that makes me sad. at the party where the impromptu bible study broke out, we also got to talking about old school game shows. stuff like 100,000 dollar pyramid and hollywood squares and match game.

we talked about how hilarious match game was; how it was totally sexual — obviously so — yet, it was all very innocuous and mild at the same time. but, how it was kind of more funny and sexy than all the in your face shit that’s on MTV and that stuff. the whole “sometimes less is more” thing.

we talked about how there were regulars on match game. bret somers, richard dawson (he was always really good), and charles nelson reilly. betty white was often on there (she can be a dirty bird!), too. it was just so funny. the host, “when i went to the doctor, he checked my heart. it was fine, but then he checked my blank!”

i think charles nelson reilly was on hollywood squares a lot, too. oh, and i love that the match game entry on wiki says that the thursday and friday episodes (they did five episodes in one day, and broke for lunch after wednesday) got looser and wilder because they drank a lot with lunch. classic.

anyway, i just am sad that charles nelson reilly is dead. oh, and he was one of the first people i ever really kind of thought was gay. or sort of, before i knew what that was. and i loved it.

*i always associate this word with my grandma. in particular the people johnny carson would get to fill in for him when he was on vacay. joan rivers, to be specific. “i don’t like her. she’s too raunchy.” too bad now her face looks like the mask tom cruise wears for most of the second half of vanilla sky.

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