anonymity at the level of press, radio and films

tradition 11: our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.

tradition 12: anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

i don’t want this to sound disingenuous on two counts. 1. i have a blog and say that i’m a recovering alcoholic. however, i have tried to the best of my ability to not have my first or last name attached to this, thus remaining ‘anonymous.’ 2. i am a recovering alcoholic, so i do understand the compulsion to drink and drug and i do believe that the disease of alcoholism is first and foremost a spiritual malady, which brings with it a host of other ailments — emotional, mental and physical.

that said …

i am fucking sick and tired of everyone doing fucked up shit and then begging off as a drunk or a drug addict and then going to rehab. seriously. everywhere you turn, someone’s fucking someone else, showing their cooch, acting like an asshole, molesting someone, doing something really bad, stealing, or whatever — and then they just blame it on the fact that they’re alcoholic. and then they say that they’re going to rehab.

i guess the reason that this bugs me isn’t the fact that they’re doing all this wack ass shit and they’re alkies. duh. but it’s more like … well, it’s not even do they mean it. cause who am i to say do they mean it? i don’t know. maybe it IS their bottom. really. i don’t know.

more it’s like … okay, if it really is your bottom and you really want to change and find a solution — then just say ‘no comment’ and go into rehab and find a new way of life. and then do your amends later. and shut your fucking mouth and get some humility. i mean, again. i’m being totally judgmental. i’ve done lots of things the wrong way. but, you know, i’ve also done things and known i was being manipulative, too. oh, i’m bipolar. oh, so and so is sick. oh, i’m a drunk. you know? you guys know what i mean. you know that you can milk certain shit if you want to. i mean, maybe YOU have NEVER done that, but i have. and i know when i’m doing it and when i’m being sincere.

and this shit just reeks of bullshit. it takes one to know one, i guess. not to mention that 12-step programs DO have traditions (as listed above) to protect the groups. from celebrities/famous people/people in the public eye from doing stupid shit/relapsing/spouting off/whatever and people associating the program with THAT ONE PERSON and deciding that it doesn’t work or is shitty or is lame or is nasty or is whatever. if you do it anonymously, you don’t get any credit, but you don’t make anyone or anything look bad, either.

and that IS part of the spiritual foundation of anonymity. we just are people trying to get sober and stay sober. we’re not heroes. we’re not god. we’re not special. we’re just ‘garden variety’ drunks and addicts and we do this to stay alive, not for any award or medal. i always say that i think god is anonymous, too. he sends us people and places and situations that conspire together to help us get where we need to be just when we need to be there. to help us hear what we need to hear and see what we need to see. to open up our hearts and minds and eyes just how they need to be when they need to be.

so, yeah. i pray that all those celebrities and senators and religious people and everyone who needs this program finds what they are looking for. but i wish they’d just keep it on the down low so that the ‘regular’ person who also needs it can come in and not have to think about anything but getting sober, too.

*oh, and i also forgot this the first time around. the other thing that really creeps me out are these shows where the celebrity puts their whole decay/potential sobering up on display for the world to see. first, it was breaking bonaduce. then the other night, i tried to watch an episode of ‘shooting sizemore,’ (i didn’t really even know what it was when i started watching it) and it was so fucking disturbing that i turned it off before the end of the episode. previews for other episodes made it look worse, not better. shit, dude. how bad did you need the money? OH, right. that fucking bad. sigh.

that stuff really wigs me out. cool, vH1. way to capitalize on major mental illness and addiction. rock it.


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