okay. here’s how you know you are new to this blog: you have no idea that i am obsessed with M*A*S*H and/or alan alda. i am. so, we’ve gotten that out of the way.

i watched the reruns with my father before dinner for years. and since then, if it’s an option on the tv, it’ll take a real challenge to beat it out on my remote control.

i can opine about the show for hours, probably. i should probably get a master’s degree in something so that i can write a thesis on M*A*S*H. really. anyway, all of that is to say that i love the show and know a bit about it without being super obsessive (like some simpsons/star trek/seinfeld fans) — i don’t know rank and serial number of each character, and shit like that. i’m more obsessed with the ideas and theories of the show and the character studies. that sort of thing.

so. there’s always been one episode that has haunted me (literally) in several ways. one, because it was really fucking frightening. i distinctly remember some really freaky scenes from it — it seems like it really impressed on my small childhood brain. (and people wonder why i don’t see horror/thriller/slasher/scary/violent movies. duh.) but the other reason is that even though i have seen the show in reruns many times over (going from the beginning of the show to the end of the show, including the 2 1/2 hour season finale) — i have never seen this episode again.

i found out today that it is called “dreams.” it was originally aired february 18, 1980. it was the 22nd episode in the 8th season. given that date, i *may* have seen it the first time — i would have been nearly 6 years old.

anyway, i remember things like margaret in a bloody wedding dress, something going really wrong with father mulcahy’s sermon and something to do with someone missing an arm. and i would ask people about this episode and NO ONE knew what the fuck i was talking about. no one*. probably because they’ve never seen it aired. god knows i never have.

*it’s like kalaka. i’ve been asking people about this fucking thing for years. it was this public service announcement in wisconsin in the 70’s for carpooling. it showed noah’s ark and these animals and they said the word for carpooling was “kalaka.” and i totally remember this and NO ONE ELSE does. well check THIS, bitches! someone put it on urban dictionary. thank god. i can’t figure out how to email this woman, though. and of course, she’s from milwaukee, yo. good times.

man, this is my day of validation. sweet.


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