Inspired by a honeysuckle maiden

The (we)blog idea seems perfectly suited to a rambling raconteur like myself. At first, I heard of on-line journals, and I thought, yes! This is something I can sink my teeth into. And, I never got around to it. (see: story of my life…) And then I heard of the blog, and was further intrigued. Still, no action. (see: story of my life.) Finally, inspired by Leigh Anne Wilson’s ‘One Good Thing‘, here I am, posting my first post in my first blog. Some people are quite…(is famous the right word? Tom Robbins says there are no synonyms….) known for their blogs.

I aspire to various and sundry creative endeavors, but first and foremost, I have always found love in writing. I have briefly explored the techniques found in the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and one thing suggested there (and by nearly every writer I respect) is a regular, daily discipline of writing. The Artist’s Way refers to this time spent and the exercise of writing as doing “morning pages.”

I hope that this blog will push me to write with more frequency, and will give me a perceived avenue for sharing my so very important (see tongue inserted in cheek) thoughts and ideas with whomever may stumble across this collection of thoughts and ideas. I welcome thoughts and comments and suggestions. It is what it is.

Ever since finding the Internet, I have been strictly a lowercase gal. I have employed full capitalization in my first post as a way to try and start things off and see if this makes things more readable. But seeing as I want this to remain as true to my everyday self as possible, there is a good chance this might be the last time ‘formal’ punctuation is used. Be that as it may, here we go…


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